Issue 21/2016


1. Safety and Security

2. CID Projects:
2.1. Root Pruning: Molecule Str.
2.2. Bus Stop Signage
2.3. Public Lighting
2.4. Warning Board: Uranium Str.
2.5. Boards at Entrance
2.6. Social Project:
       2.6.1. Recycling
       2.6.2. Donations
       2.6.3. Board: School

2.7. Promotion page: Tyger Burger
2.8. Landscaping: Bridge Str.

3. Membership

4. Suggestions – Improvements in CID area

5. CID website

6. Competition

The Triangle Industrial CID held its 22nd Joint operation on the 15 April 2016.

These operations are held on a regular basis for visibility and to combat crime. The CID would like to thank the members from the SAPS, Traffic Services, Anti-Land Invasion, Metal Theft Unit (MTU), Transnet, and various security companies for their contribution and assistance. A total amount of 21 fines were issued and two suspicious persons from Bellville-South were profiled.

The CID would also like to thank Mr. Gert Stander (GBS Security) for sponsoring the platters.

2.1. Root Pruning – Molecule Street

The CID submitted a request to City Parks due to roots causing damage to paving at Erf 15963, Molecule Street.


In March 2015 the root pruning was completed:

November 2015 the tarring was completed:



2.2. Bus Stop Signage

An investigation was done after complaints were received regarding busses stopping in the middle of the road to loadand offload pedestrians. It was observed that Golden Arrow busses are operating in the Triangle Farm area.

A request was submitted to Public Transport Infrastructure Planning & Design to investigate and find a safe area for the busses to stop, and to implement signage and road markings.

A Bus Stop signage was installed in Bridge Street in the parking area in front of DPI Plastics.

However, trucks are still parking in the parking area designated for busses to stop.The CID has submitted a further request for the implementation of clear and visible road markings.


2.3. Public Lighting

A request was submitted to the Public lighting department to install lamp poles next to the pathways on the public open space at the entrance of Bridge Street and on the opposite side of the road bordering the BP garage.

This was completed in November 2015.


2.4. Warning Board – Uranium Str.

Due to the robberies taking place on the public open space leading from Uranium Street, the CID installed a “Warning” board on the gate.

Please inform your employees this is a high crime area and they should take an alternative route for their own safety.

The CID would like to thank Beekman Super Canopies for donating R1000.00 towards the board.


2.5. Boards at Entrance

The CID would also like to thank the contractor, Afriwire& Steel that installed the Betafence fencing at the entrance, for sponsoring the CID with two boards that was installed on the fencing.

A further four boards were installed by the CID at the two entrances in Bridge and Electron Street informing the area is protected by CCTV cameras, including the “emergency” numbers. The CID would like to thank GBS Security for sponsoring half of the costs.



2.6.1. Recycling Project

A recycling project was launched by the CID in April 2012 to assist a neighbouring school in Bellville-South. Funds generated from the recycling project is used for repairs and upliftment projects at Winsley Primary School. The CID would like to thank the following companies for their assistance with this project:

Belmet Marine, Du Mori Marketing, IWT, Purple Line Plastics, Quality Engineering, Elasticos Yarns, Maxicool, Roadmat, Technichrome Engineering, Transtech, Hilpak, Maksal Tubes, Hose Manufacturers, W-Tech, Air Products, WatertiteGuttering, Fibretek, Nothern Motor Engineers, RJ Consani (Pty)Ltd, Country Building Supplies, GBS Security, Meyer & Ferreira, Cater Market, Air Products, LA Body Works, Excelsior Flanges,PEC Metering, Process Pipe, All Aluminium, and Beekman Super Canopies.

Thank you to everyone for your support!


2.6.2. Donations

A special thank you to the following companies for their kind donations to the school:

RJ Consani (Pty)Ltd: Large photocopy/fax machine for library.
IWT: Seven boxes lever arch files.
Riverside Ceilings & Ellis Furnishers: Second hand printers.
Tracy Pieterse (RJ Consani): Toys, shoes, bottles, books, school uniform and blankets.
Watertite Guttering: Books for the school library.


2.6.3. Board at School

The CID would also like to thank Mr. Chris Munro (Transtech) for sponsoring the design and installation of the board for the entrance of Winsley Primary School.


2.7. Promotion Page in Tyger Burger

The opening of Winsley Primary School’s library and handing over the board for the entrance of the school took place on the 19 April 2016. An article regarding this event appeared in the 27 April 2016 edition of the Tyger Burger and was distributed to Bellville, Brackenfell and Durbanville.

The CID would like to thank the following companies for placing an advertisement in the Tyger Burger for the CID’s promotion page:

Webasto, Transtech, Belmet Marine, Meyer & Ferreira, Afriwire& Steel, Trans Pharm, GBS Labour & Security, and Watertite Guttering.


2.8. Landscaping: Bridge Street

Landscaping on the public open space at the entrance of Bridge Street to uplift and beautify
the area was completed in May 2016.

The Triangle Industrial CID would like to encourage property owners to become members of the CID as your input is important to us. Membership is free of charge and entitles one to voting rights at the CID’s Annual General Meetings.

Please find attached application form for membership.
After completion, return to the CID office at Busaf Park No. 1, Bridge Street, Triangle Farm.

Should you have any suggestions on improvements you would like to see in the CID area, please complete the attached “Suggestions Form" and forward to the CID Manager at

All property owners can advertise their property in Triangle Farm free of charge on the CID’s website under the PropertyTalk page.

Please contact the CID manager on 021-949 2800 and supply photograph and details of your property.

To promote your business on the “Business Promotion” page at a cost of R500.00 for 6 months, you can forward your advertisement to the CID Manager at


The CID would like to encourage all property and business owners to please maintain their buildings and street frontages.

Competitions are held annually at the CID’s Annual General Meeting with overall winners receiving a floating trophy for the following categories:

• Company with the “best garden”
• Company with the “neatest building”
• and the “most improved building”

The winners/runner-up for 2015:

“Neatest building”

Swissline Design: Winner
Bellville Truck Centre: Runner-up

“Best garden”

The Badge Company: Winner
Swissline Design: Runner-up


“Most improved building”

Trans Pharm: Winner
3C Metal/Belmet: Runner-up


Lynette van Lill
Triangle Industrial CID
021-949 2800

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