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Drought Crisis Info
Media Release:
Water map savings milestone reached for February
(22 March 2018)
Interactive learning inspires young minds to conserve water
(22 March 2018)
Statement by the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson
Let’s keep our water-saving focus, Team Cape Town

(20 March 2018)
Theft and vandalism compromise water security
(18 March 2018)
City steps up water conservation and demand management measures
(15 March 2018)
Statement by the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson World notes Cape Town’s efforts to beat the drought
(13 March 2018)
Water Disaster Plan
(Press briefing – 6 Feb 2018)
Crime Analysis

September 2018

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15/09 – Proton Str. (Sat. 00h45)
Burglary: Broke lock of front door and bent security gate. Computers and laptops stolen.

28/09 – Micro Str. (Fri. 15h30)
Burglary: Broke safety gate and stole tools and purse.


02/09 – Micro Str. (Sun. 12h45)
Theft: Suspect was caught in possession of six aluminum windows. The stolen items were returned to the rightful owner.

16/09 – Reactor Str. (Sun. 17h41)
Attempted theft: Security was informed of suspicious person stealing metal on premises. The suspect left his bag behind and fled when approached by the security.

18/09 – Electron Str. (Tues. 15h50)
Attempted theft: Security was informed of two suspicious persons that entered premises in Electron Street and tried to steal metal. Suspects were searched and no stolen items were found in their possession.

22/09 – Public open space (Sat. 08h02)
Attempted theft: Security saw two males trying to enter premises bordering the public open space. The suspects fled when approached by the security. The electric fence was damaged.

23/09 – Ferguson Str. (Sun. 17h58)
Theft: Three males stole metal through the fence at the back of the premises bordering Strand Street. The suspects fled in the direction of Stikland station when they saw the security.

26/09 – Uranium Str. (Wed. 15h00)
Theft out of M/vehicle: Security was informed of an African male that stole a cell phone out of a courier company vehicle which windows were left open and doors unlocked. The suspect was searched and only a wallet was found in his possession.

Loiterers removed: 29

Stop and Search: 181

Suspicious persons: 7

Suspicious vehicles: 4

Insecure premises: 5

Accidents: 1

Illegal traders: 5

Public assistance: 6

Prevention of dumping: 1

Dumping: 2

Trolleys confiscated: 7

Illegal squatters: 2


  • Make sure your vehicle is locked at all times and do not leave any valuable items inside the vehicle.
  • Take note of strangers who appear to be loitering or watching your premises. Write down the registration number of any suspicious-looking vehicles.
  • Double check when you lock your vehicle with a remote for remote jammers.
  • When you leave your premises make sure your alarm system is activated and check regularly to see if it is in good working order.
  • Make sure your premises are secure and that there is effective lighting.
  • By keeping the lowest possible amount of cash on hand and letting people know it, your business becomes a less desirable target.
  • Be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious person or vehicle immediately to:


Report all incidents or any complaints to the CID Manager on 021-949 4564 or 073 149 5356
or email lynette@trianglefarmcid.co.za


Police: 10111
Bellville SAPS: 021-918 3000 / 021-918 3012 / 021-918 3014
SAPS Duty Manager: 082 301 7402 / 082 522 3257
Vispol Head – Col. Mahlatshana: 082 374 4927
Operational Head – Col. Niehaus: 082 411 1829

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